Tantra Dana



Tantramasseurin DanaTantramasseurin Dana



Tantra Touch about Dana:

Dana has a charming sweetness and a natural playful wildness. She enchants you with her petite body, blond hair and blue eyes. Our guests love the openness and ease of her youth combined with the sensitive touch in her flowing massages.


Dana about herself:

In my massages I love to light a soft fire on your skin and in your soul, I love to meet your heart, I love to see your face radiate when you leave!


Our guests about Dana:

“Dana, I had such a wonderfull time with you! From the beginning on i felt a strong connectedness and trust. You have a lot energy in your hands. You are a real Tantra masseuse. Thank you.”



“Dear Dana, I still feel your touches, the energy you gave me, it makes me happy. I will take good care of it. What I got feels like a treasure. The massage was a great experience and I felt very comfortable under your hands. I still feel the after effects …”



“Dear Dana, dear Melanie, thank you for the most memorable massage. Best Regards”



“Dana and Sara, thank you very much for a wonderful morning. I have never been so lovingly and warmly welcomed and accepted.”



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