Massages for women

We meet you openly and spontaneously and take you on a deep dive into the magic of the moment. We are completely present with you, accepting totally what is – in this moment. Your femininity, which includes the whole of your body and your being, can unfold and be experienced deeply, you alone decide the steps we take. In the Yoni massage we will honor and cherish this soft and voluptuous intimate region by empathetic touch. Different feelings can appear to you – lust, joy, ecstasy, grief, memories of old injuries. This will offer an opportunity for you to experience healing and strengthening.
Tantramassage-Team Köln
The birth of the goddess

Massage from one woman or man
1,5 Stunden 160 € / 2 Stunden 200 €
In paradise of fullness

Massage from two women or one man & one women
1,5 Stunden 270 € 2 Stunden 320 €
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